Welcome to the Wild Boar Trail!


Do you want to become a real expert on wild boars? Then play along, answer our quiz spanning 15 questions and follow the path. At the stops along the way, you will find hints and you can do activity games. Allow yourself to be surprised! Have fun!

Notice for parents: The route goes in a circle and is 4.3 kilometers long. It's easy to walk with a stroller, mostly flat and partly runs through the forest. Seating is available for picnics and relaxation. We hope you have fun!

Let's start the Wild Boar Trail!

Tap the wild boar trail's stops with your finger or hover the mouse over them (on your PC) to learn more about them!


Painting rocks

Hedge habitat

Marsh habitat

Mixed forest

Log beehive

Barefoot path

Creeks - the scenery's arteries

Local bats

From spawn to frog

Wooden telephone

The animals' tracks

Deadwood and its inhabitants

Forest memory

Tone xylophone

Orchard meadow habitat

Rock pile and dry stone wall

Thanks for partaking!


If you have passed the quiz, you will receive a diploma as a wild boar expert. Your parents can print it out and you can fill it out together!

For everyone who would like to take a look at the quiz again, or for those who did not get to walk the wild boar route on site: Here's the quiz again as a PDF download. Have fun!

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Did you like the Wild Boar Trail? Just write us that. We look forward to your message! Here, you can send an e-mail directly to the Taunus Nature Park:


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The Taunus Nature Park team and the wild boars send you kind regards!